Why Bitergia for Software Development Analytics?

Helping companies and organizations to understand development teams and processes

Software Development Analytics

Bitergia provides an integrated technology suite that enables to get, to provide, and to analyze software development processes metrics and insights for different purposes

Engineering Teams Performance

Explore how Bitergia Dashboard helps ensure full visibility into project performance for timely and informed business decisions

Community Health

An analytics tool designed to help you get the most out of your community in order to inform strategy development and reform initiatives

Project Transparency

Be open! Show project development metrics on a transparent and reliable way. Use data to offer information to reveal facts, not assumptions, as well as key project drivers

Deeper Metrics Knowledge

Metrics provide value. Appropriate measures will highlight issues, allowing them to be resolved before they grow or spread

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Quantitative Software Development Analytics for different needs

Project Manager & Development Teams

Dashboards to know at a glance the status of the development of your team or teams and the performance and inner life of a project to save time and costs, and to help to solve problems effectively: coding activity, code review backlog and performance, bottlenecks identification, issues solving efficiency.

Software Development Community Manager

One of the first profiles that need to add, aggregate and merge data from multiple sources in one dashboard to assess the health of the community that manages: community activity and size overview, community demography (retention rate, newcomers), gamification, contributors profiling.

Business Analyst & Project Consultants

Working on project and/or companies transparency analysis, due diligence reports, auditing, certifying participation, experience, project neutrality, fair treatment between coompetitors, maturity level analysis, companies benchmarking, are other areas interested in Software Development Analytics.

Human Resources, Recruitment & Talent Manager

Reports on developers metrics help to identify the right person for a particular position, and to retain valuable talent at the company: contributors competencies, developers contributions review metrics, activity by company, activity from outside the company, projects contributions, etc.

Software Development Monitoring Made Easy

Bitergia solves any question you might have about your software development processes


What? How many?


How big? How many?


How fast? Average time?


How old? New one? Inactive ones?


Where from? Organizations? Gender?

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