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Free, open source tools for software development analytics

More than 10 years of experience in Open Source Software Development Analytics

Grimoire Lab is the evolution of the work done during +10 years in Metrics Grimoire, VisGrimorie and GrimoireLib projects, to provide Open Development Analytics, and its our open approach for open source software development analytics.

Community Health Analytics for Open Source Software (CHAOSS)

GrimoireLab is one of the founding projects of The Linux Foundation CHAOSS project.The mission of this project is to:

  1. produce integrated, open source software for analyzing software development, and definition of standards and models used in that software in specific use cases;
  2. establish implementation-agnostic metrics for measuring community activity, contributions, and health; and
  3. optionally produce standardized metric exchange formats, detailed use cases, models, or recommendations to analyze specific issues in the industry/OSS world.

We truly free, libre, open source software and the power of the Community, so these set of tools are and always will be free, open source software.

Feel free to contribute

Bitergia Dashboards

Dig deeper in project details and metrics using interactive dashboards

Actionable Dashboards

Multiple filtering options like by time range, by data source repository, by organization/s, by contributor/s, by item status...

Customizable Dashboards

Visual editor to create edit existing or create new panels and visualizations easily using avilable charting widgets.

Shareable Dashboards

Easy panels sharing and embeding including the custom queries or filters applied.

API Accessible Data

REST API access to stored data for data consumption and querying.

Supported Tools

Any area of software development covered by Bitergia's analytics suite

Source Code

Git, Baazar*, Mercurial* (*exporting to git)

Tickets / issues

Bugzilla, GitHub Issues, GitLab Issues, JIRA, Launchpad, Phabricator Maniphest, Redmine

Code Review

Gerrit, GitHub Pull Requests, GitLab Merge Requests

Continuous Integration


Mailing lists / Forums

Askbot, Discourse, Gmane,, Hyperkitty, mbox files, NNTP, Pipermail, Stack Exchange


IRC (Supybot), Mattermost, Slack, Telegram


Apache http logs


Confluence, MediaWiki


Meetup, Mozilla Reps events

Others, Docker Hub, RSS, Twitter